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How Does the System Speed Works?
Firsta comes with different speed options, and each option has the maximum function is can perform daily. Below is a breakdown of how speed works;

o Very Slow – 24 Requests Daily
o Slow – 48 Requests Daily
o Medium – 72 Requests Daily
o Fast – 96 Requests Daily
o Very Fast – 120 Requests Daily
o Auto (From Very Slow to Fast)

Note that each of the tools is independent of one another. Meaning you can set to Auto Follow and also run unfollow at the same time.
However, we advised strongly against going too fast to avoid putting your account at risk.

Can I Upload multiple files?

Yes. If you have a large number of files to upload from your PC, you can upload 10 files at a time to your Firsta account.

Why can’t I Auto Repeat My Posts?
We disabled Auto-repeat function because it places your Instagram account at risk. If you need to repeat a Post, kindly save the caption and you can always re-use.
And we strongly advise changing of Caption or Images when repeating posts.

I have more than 10 Instagram Accounts. Is there a plan for me?

Yes. We have custom plans that can house up to 100 accounts. Kindly email us your need and we’ll get in touch with you with other options available.
Does Firsta Post Ads to My Instagram Account?
We do not publish adverts or contents to your Instagram account.
We generate income from the displayed advertisement (On our website) and user subscription.

How do I add my Instagram Account?

Login to your account, click on the Instagram Icon. Enter your Instagram Username and Password, then Save.
Can I Pay Annually instead of the Monthly Payment?
Yes. We have annual plans with 20% discounts. You’ll see this option at checkout.

Is my account at risk for Using Your Tools?

Your account is not in any way at risk if you follow the safety method we’ve laid out.
Do not Use the Fast or Very Fast speed options if you’re running multiple functions at the same time.
And for new Users, Always start with the Very Slow Speed option for the first few days, you can increase this to Medium, then Fast after some weeks.

Can I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Yes. You can pay annually and get 20% discounts on all plans. The annual option is available at checkout.

Does Firsta Sell Followers & Likes?
We do not sell followers, neither do we sell likes as this is against Instagram TOS.
What we offer is to perform Instagram activities on your behalf..