How to Contact Instagram | Instagram Technical Support

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As we know, most of the services provided on internet does not have phone support. Even Instagram does not provide phone support nor they have e-mail support. So, the question remains how to contact Instagram support online? Well, there is a way you can contact Instagram technical support to get through your queries.

How to contact Instagram Technical Support

As we know by now that does not provide phone nor e-mail support. So you need to use Instagram Help Center or report your problems through Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s start with Instagram Help Center

First, on your web browser(Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) type Instagram help center on the search bar or just type to directly access it. This website helps you with any problem regarding Instagram, here you can also report Instagram accounts if Instagram’s rules and laws are violated. Then click on “Something’s Not Working” option if you have any problem regarding Instagram app. Under this option, click “I Can’t Log In” if you are having trouble logging in or for solutions on recovering your account. If you don’t have access to your email address (from which you registered to Instagram at first), then you cannot reset your password. Also if your Facebook account is not linked with Instagram.

If you have troubles regarding notifications and photo savings, click on “Get Help with Settings”. While saving photos from Instagram, you can only save the photos you have posted.

If you have problems like crashing, updating or connection error while using Instagram app then click on “Report a Broken Feature”.

If you facing problems regarding your own Instagram account or other users on Instagram, then click on “Privacy & Safety Center” and then click on “Report Something”. In this section you can report if your account is hacked, if other users are violating terms and conditions of Instagram.